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DerekAutistaFMF5988 rant~
Everybody is doing a rant about him, why wouldn't I do one too?
Ok, almost everybody knows ~DerekAutistaFMF5988, right?
If you don't know him, let me say something he does
-He hates everyone, Europeans, Japaneses, Heterosexuals, Black people and Jews, except Latin Americans(with exception of Uruguayans, he said to me he hates them) and Americans.
-He's a Garfieldfucker (lol), he'll make you do Garfield art, change your icon for a Garfield icon and force you to like it. Don't believe me? Look at this:
-I've heard that he's 10 years old, so that's why he draws so baldy
-He's an American, and he's saying he's Brazilian, you know that in Brazil racism is crime, and what if someone tell the police what he's doing? He'll be fucked.
Sooo yeah, I made the rant about the gay Hitler, C'MON, I'M WAITING YOU TO DO A RANT ABOUT ME DEREKAUTISTAFMF5988!
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LOOK OVER YONDER by littledigits LOOK OVER YONDER :iconlittledigits:littledigits 1,198 45
Fuck this guy. No seriously, fuck this guy with a clowns cactus dildo six ways til' Sunday.
This kid is basically a 10 year old, racist, hateful, bigoted idiot who worships Garfield (cough FURRY cough). And yeah, he steals artwork too.
Why not, lets all the problems with him;
He is racist. Not only that, he wishes death upon anyone who isn't a full blooded white american who lives in america. Hey guess what? America isn't the best place out there, I can guarantee this.He forces people to like what he likes. "Do you like Garfield?", "Change your icon to Garfield", "Draw Garfield", "Fuck Garfield up his furry ass with me". Okay that last one was fake but you get the point, he literally forces Garfield on people. If you resist, he will cockblock you and then make a terrible rant and a hate doodle out of you.He is made of cringe. Look at his terrible artwork, all of it is just juvenile doodles like what you'd see on those DeviantArt troll accounts. (In fact Derek h
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Jayvee Enaguas
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Saudi Arabia
My name is Jayvee Enaguas (HarvettFox96). I am the independent free culture, hobbyist (including designer, gamer, worker, etc.) and privacy. Since I was born on August 23, 1996 (age 20), lived in the current hometown residence location of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

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- Parabola GNU/Linux-libre (Arch-based)…


Modern DOS
==== Description ====

Modern DOS is a monospace pixel serif based on IBM and Verite, extracted from VGA ROM fonts on real machines made other manufacturers, created with FontForge.

==== Update Log ====

Version 2017.03.25:

- Add 8x8 and 8x16 sizes.
- Better release version date style.
- Change license CC BY-SA 3.0 to SIL OFL 1.1.
- Fix minor few character glyphs.
- Redraw all character glyphs with Inkscape.
- Rename Moder DOS to Modern DOS.

==== Summary ====

Devices used: HP Pavilion g6 (laptop, 2011, any, BIOS), I-Life Zed Book W (2-in-1 tablet, 2016, 32-bit, UEFI)
Operating system used: Windows 10 Redstone 1 - Version 1607 (Anniversary Update)
Software used: DOS Navigator, FontForge, GIMP, Inkscape, PabloDraw, Snarf (DOS screenshot capture)

To browse source files available at NotABug:…

Released by Jayvee Enaguas (HarvettFox96), licensed under SIL OFL 1.1. (C) 2009-2017.
You know when, it's been 20th birthday today, so I aware won't be disappointed.
Sadly, I deleted my account from Goblin Refuge permanently for now, because the excessive issue of copyvio/fair use materials by other users, also terms of use are ineffective.
Harvett Fox's Clothless
In this variant, Harvett Fox without wearing his cloth.

Operating system used: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre (Dell Inspiron 3521, x86_64)
Programs used:
- gimp (GPL3)
- inkscape (GPL2)
- optipng (zlib)
Variants: Original
- (meta) (committed on 2016.08.01)
- Wikimedia Commons (posted on 2016.07.30)

Released by Jayvee Enaguas (HarvettFox96), licensed under the CC BY 3.0. (C) 2009-2016.


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